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Acne Medication - Finding the Best Treatment

You might have suffered from severe acne and your dermatologist prescribed a certain acne medication. But just like other medications, the acne ones will only work if you follow these rules:
Never miss a dose. Many times, these medicines are steroids or antibiotics and skipping a dose can make the whole treatment fail. Ensure that you take each dose of your medication as instructed.
Check with your physician about potential clashes with other medicines. There is a possibility that your medicine for acne might be less effective if you're currently taking another kind of medicine. Ensure that your doctor is aware of any other drugs you may be taking.
Maintain good eating habits. Chocolate doesn't cause acne, but high GI, refined carbs and sugars could worsen acne. So, try to eat right! There is a good deal of research and info on acne online, and you can use the internet to get good dietary guidelines that can help enhance the working of your acne medication.
Boost functionality by mixing treatments. For example, if you have a prescription for oral acne treatment, you can also talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a topical cream, lotion or wash that you could also use. Most over the counter preparations are quite effective, safe and every little bit helps. This should help with faster working of your medication. You may also start looking into natural remedies such as tea tree oil but make sure you run everything past your doctor before using it.
Never use expired acne medicine. Any medication can be harmful to use, and expired acne medication could worsen your skin.
Additionally, you should also remember that acne medication, just like several other treatments take time to work. So, do not expect results overnight or immediately - give it time for it to do its work and you will likely be delighted with the outcome. As they state, patience is a virtue, and with a little time and patience, you can get clear skin. For more info visit:

With these tips, talking to your health care provider or pharmacist regarding getting the ideal acne medicine if needed, and adhering to a healthy lifestyle and eating program, in a matter of time, your acne problem will be history - one bad memory. However, remember you are not alone, millions of people suffer from acne. So, do not feel like nobody out there understands your situation, because others do. Get more info here:

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